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Toilet Seat Cover Machine

Product Code: M901

Characteristics And Feature:

Disposable Toilet Seat Cover Making Machine is used for making disposable toilet seat cover,low cost.offers high productivity, stable quality, and easy adjustment.Printing Available.

Require material:
1. Tissue Paper 2. Wood Pulp Paper

Require operator:
2 person/machine (one is for feeding, the other one is for packing)

Final Products:
Disposable Toilet Seat Cover

Technical Parameter :
1.Voltage: AC380V 50HZ
2.Power: 5.5KW
3.Speed: 60-80pcs/minute
4.Weight: 2500kg
5.Dimension: 2600×3120×1700mm

Final Products:

Disposable Toilet Seat Cover

Machine Photo :

dental bib production line

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Other Service

We also help customer buy the raw material of the products from Chinese factory.And this may help you at the beginning of your business. .

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