face mask machine with tie on

Tie One Mask machine

Product Code: M204

Characteristics And Feature:

The lengh of the face mask tie is 90cm.It can automatically cut and the blank face mask should be placed manually.

Require material:
1. Blank face mask
2. Nonwoven Tie

Require operator:
2 person/machine (one is for feeding, the other one is for packing)

Final Products:
Tie On Mask Machine, Mask Tie Tape Sealing Machine

Technical Parameter :
1.Voltage: AC220V 50HZ
2.Power: 2.7KW
3.Speed: 40-60 pcs/minute
4.Weight: 250kg
5.Outer Size: 1300×620×1200mm

Final Products:

Tie On Face Mask

face mask with tie band

Machine Photo :

tie on face mask machine

Production Line

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We also help customer buy the raw material of the products from Chinese factory.And this may help you at the beginning of your business. .

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