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Automatic feeding face mask earloop welding machine

Product Code: M209

Characteristics And Feature:

Auto feeding face mask ear-loop welding machine is used for putting elastic earloop on the blanking face mask automatically,low cost.offers high productivity, stable quality, and easy adjustment.

This is a new type of welding machine, worker do not need to put the blank face mask on the machine piece by piece.The machine use an automatic mechanical arm put the mask at the right place of the feeding room.One worker could operate 5 machine.That means only two worker is available for the production of the earloop face mask!

Require material:
1. Blanking face mask
2. Elastic Ear loop

Require operator:
1 person/machine

Final Products:
Elastic loop Nonwoven Face Mask, Earloop Face Mask

Technical Parameter :
1.Voltage: AC380V 50HZ
2.Power: 4KW
3.Speed: 30-40 pcs/minute
4.Weight: 350kg
5.Outer Size: 1500×900×1600mm

Final Products:

Auto Elastic Earloop Welded Face Mask

Machine Photo :

Production Line

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